Travel in 2018

For many people a new year means a new you.  What does that new you look like?  Most of my friends want to travel more.  One of the number one regrets in life is not having traveled enough.  If you have travel on your radar, make this a year that you fulfill at least one of your travel desires.  Next, you will need to figure out where to go in 2018.  For budget friendly travelers the New York Times just published 10 Bargain Destinations for 2018.   I’m surprised to see that Melbourne made the list.  It looks like the ranking is based on flights from the US, but even with a reduced fare you will still spend a lot of money in the city itself.  I just returned from Melbourne and I did not find it to be a city for bargain hunters.

In the past year I had the privilege to travel more than once a month.  I thank God for the amazing experience and opportunities he continues to provide. I love talking to people and I recently talked to someone that had never traveled outside of her country, let alone, outside of her state.  Her first vacation in 2017 was to lay on a beach in Mexico, which is about a 2 hour flight from her city in Texas.  She knew she wanted the sun and to relax on a beach and she got exactly what she wanted. I can appreciate that she made her desire come true.

If you are looking for a place to go I suggest you decide what is right for you and not everybody else.  Consider your budget, the timing and what you want to see and do.  So many people do what others say they should do.  Fulfill your hearts desire and thank God for travel!


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