Food Served In a Sleeve

I love to check out food and artisan markets in cities across the world.  Most of the time, you can get a good feel for the flavor of a city by visiting the local markets and talking to the vendors.  In Madrid, we stopped in the Mercado De San Miguel to check out the food.

This particular merchant served his goods in a sleeve, making it easy to walk and eat your way through the market.


Culture and Food in Toronto

It doesn’t matter what city we go to, we always want to know about the food. People love to eat and finding great restaurants is a must for my tummy and I’m sure for yours too. What I love most about Toronto is all the different cultures and being able to experience them at festivals, street parties, community centers and restaurants. I love West Indian food and I’ll devour a roti any day. I first tried this Trinidadian restaurant, Island Foods, back in year 2000 and since then this restaurant has never disappointed me.

Pictured below is the goat meat seasoned in a curry stew with potatoes wrapped in roti (Indian flatbread). Every single bite had me wanting more, even when I was full.  I waited about 25 minutes to place my order and it was worth every minute of the wait. By the way, the lineup of people there was a good reflection of who makes up the population of Toronto and you have not seen diversity until you experience Toronto! We had all ages of people in the line both male and female from Latino to Indian to West Indian to White to Korean to African to Middle Eastern and multicultural peeps all waiting for West Indian Food. I loved it!!!

Now let’s talk about the ambiance of this place.  I’m a little surprised there has not been a round of renovations for 20 years. The ambiance is extremely laid back and it is more of a takeout place than a spot you’d want to host a party in.

The food gets five stars!! If you have never had a roti before, let this be a place of choice when you visit Toronto. Vegetarian options are available.

Have you had anything awesome in Toronto? I’d love to hear about it. Please share!



Fish and Chip This in Manly, Australia

One of my favourite travel moments is when it’s time to discover really good food. I always like to find out where the locals like to go and then I like to know what food is authentic to the specific city. When in Texas, look for Texas BBQ or Tex Mex. When in Montreal, have poutine. When in Britain have fish & chips. Apparently, when in Australia, you should have fish & chips too! I’m used to having cod, haddock, or halibut battered and deep fried …sometimes beer battered and then fried. While in Manly, Australia (just outside of Sydney) I stumbled upon this cute place called the fish Shack.  You will find this place along the Steyne Street, right in front of the beach. I ordered the Barramundi fish & chips for takeaway.  The barramundi is a white fish, which is quite meaty, high in omega 3 and packed with protein. It is mercury free and considered environmentally friendly. We chose to take the food away and sit along the beach. The service was just okay and we did receive our food within 15 minutes.

I couldn’t place this order without including the iconic beverage, Bundaberg ginger beer. Ginger beer takes me back to my childhood years. It was always a treat to get Reed’s Jamaican Ginger Beer.   If you love ginger, you must try this beverage! Bundaberg brew has been around since the 1960s and it’s known for its quality ingredients. Lucky for me Bundaberg is exported to the US and I can quench my thirst with this anytime.

There are tons of food options in this cute little town. This was a pleasant moment, but I only had only one afternoon so I didn’t get a chance to try anywhere else.

Australian Ginger Beer


Barramundi Fish and Chips


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