How to Spend One Day in Miami

Let me preface this by saying that I have been to Miami many times, so I was really okay to do more than look pretty and veg on the beach.

With more than 5 hours of layover, there was time to head into the city and explore a little.  We followed the signs that led us to the metrobus.  We wanted to visit the beach briefly so we took bus 150 to South Beach.  The cost was only $2.25 per person.  I was with my sister and we both bought the day pass for $5, which allowed us to hop on and off the transit all day.  We were on the bus for about 20 minutes and we got off on Collins Ave.  Our first stop was for a bite to eat at Rosetta Bakery. I love everything about this little Italian bakery.  If you arrive early enough, make sure to get a croissant before they are sold out.  We arrived for lunch and had this eggplant and cheese savory pastry.


After lunch and coffee, we walked to the beach and took a stroll along Ocean Drive.  After about 1 hour, we decided to take another bus to a metrostation where we then caught the train to Brickell.  I had been to this area previously, but I was quite happy to show my sister this neigborhood as she wasn’t sure she had been in the past.  Brickell is known as the financial district with skyscrapers, fashion boutiques, cafes, and patios.

Brickell City Centre Shopping Mall – This is a 5 star mall with all your luxury cravings.

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