Buenos Aires: A cemetary that brings joy to tourists and locals

Last year, my husband and I toured through Buenos Aires, Argentina.  As usual we looked at a list of things to do and must see sites and agreed that we must go to the Recoleta Cemetary.  The cemetary was site is right next to a high end shopping mall in quite a favourable neighbourhood.  As we approached the cemetary our eyes widened as we were in awe of the elaborate tombstones and memorial sites of loved ones who passed on.  The Whos who of Argentines were laid to rest here as far back as 1716.

You probably will not see another cemetary like this anywhere else. This is a site to see.


We went to the Pink House

We are all familiar with the White House, but if your not fully aware of other countries parliament and government buildings, then you probably haven’t heard of the Casa Rosada, also known as the “Pink House” in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  This executive mansion is the home of Argentina’s President.

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