Driving in Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic with a Baby

Let me preface this with a mention that I didn’t do any of the driving.  I am grateful for a husband that loves to travel and likes driving too.  We flew from the US to Germany and started our road trip from Frankfurt.  This was the first time for both of us in these three countries and neither of us speak German.  If you are anything like us, you will not ever let language intimidate you from visiting a country.

I’d like to give a few tips to those that plan to take on such an adventure, especially if you have kids in tow.  Always give yourself an additional hour, just in case of construction or other delays and stops you may have along route.

On our drive from Vienna to Prague, there was no shoulder to pull over on the highway and there was a great distance, approx. 70 kilometers, from one rest stop to the next.  Our baby needed to feed and we needed to take that in consideration every time we got in the car for a long drive.  To add to this, there was a ton of construction and more tractor trailer trucks than I have ever seen.  These truckers like to tailgate and will not care that you have a baby on board.

Driving from Vienna to Prague with a Baby

  • Leave Vienna by 1pm or 2pm and give yourself 5-6 hours driving time. Consider the time of year and arrive before sunset.  When we arrived in CR, the first sights we saw were prostitutes on the roadside looking for clients.  I was not at ease at the sight of this and did not want to have any reason to have to pull over for anything, including a crying baby. Fortunately, our little one slept until we reached our hotel in Prague.
  • Have baby’s music and milk ready or whatever your baby needs to relax.
  • Have your own snacks ready and choose something that isn’t loud. We ate bananas and plums.
  • Make sure you have a sunshield or guard so baby doesn’t have the light shining in their face.
  • Pack the car perfectly, so that you don’t have to stop to shift anything.

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