Airport Car Rentals in Toronto

Have you ever booked a car and just weren’t sure how the rental experience would go? I’ve rented cars too many times to count yet I still read the contract before leaving the lot because I want to be sure there aren’t any surprise charges.

I also like to reserve car rentals through and I always choose pay later and the free cancelation option because let’s face it, we all never know what might happen with our flights.

I normally rent cars from the big names like Avis, Budget, and enterprise, which are all on the property at the Toronto Pearson Airport. This time my reservation was made on Priceline for an off-site rental company called ez car rental.

The name implies ease, but from the start it didn’t seem easy to me. I arrived at terminal 3 and then took a train to Viscount Station, which is about a ten minute trip (including your walk through the airport to get to the train). When I got off at Viscount, I took the escalator to the bottom and began to figure out what to do next.

I saw other people come down the escalator with puzzled behavior too.

There is a phone in the corner that you have to pick up and alert your rental provider that you have arrived. The shuttle bus will take 15 minutes or more to show up. I waited 20 minutes and the place was literally 5 minutes away.

I still have the rental car now so upon return of the car I’ll do an update on how the full experience panned out.

So far, I don’t like having to rent a car off-site from Pearson Airport. The price was good though, so I’m grateful for that.

I’ll be back next week with my update.

Off Airport shuttle pick up in Toronto
Off Airport Car Rentals shuttle pick up at Pearson International Airport, YYZ

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