Coffee and Cake

All over the world people crave coffee as a drip, espresso, latte, macchiato, cortado and the list goes on.  Traveling through South America, drinking coffee more than once a day was a usual thing for me.  Actually, in every city that I visit, I usually like to try a local coffee spot and if I’m feeling kind of sugary…I’ll have a doughnut too.

In Australia, I had a hard time finding drip coffee.  First on the list was espresso or cortado.  If you absolutely, need to have drip coffee you will have to go to Starbucks. Even McDonald’s doesn’t have the drip coffee, it’s all about McCafe and the baristas are off to their own special corner to make a specialty coffee for you.  I don’t like going to North American places when I’m not in North America.  The whole point of travel is to experience something new! 

After having lunch in the Spice Alley, we found this cute Korean cafe, 85 Degrees, which we later realized is a chain throughout Australia.  The coffee and cake combo was a must after our spicy thai lunch at spice alley.





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