Target Stores: Same Name and Branding, but it is a Different Store

As you travel, you will discover brands that you won’t find back home. This is part of the joys in discovering new places. What you think is cool back home might have another story in a different country. I have always loved Target stores, even when they came to my homeland, Canada. Although they didn’t survive, the excitement of Target stores entering Canada will never be forgotten…and sadly neither will their exit.

Even with a weaker Canadian dollar, Canadians have always loved shopping in the US to get deals on clothing, electronics, and even cars. When Target came to Canada everyone expected it to be filled with quality products at low prices.   The bargains they were used to getting in the states were far off from what they remembered when shopping across the border. Target did not survive in Canada and as far as I knew, Canada was the only country this company had tried to penetrate market share. To my surprise, while exploring the streets in Sydney and Melbourne, I saw Target stores many times. After seeing it so many times, I finally decided to check it out. The merchandise seemed the same and everything about the store was like the US version. I didn’t want assume anything though because I was in a different country, so I had to ask the store clerk, “Is this the same Target that is in the US?” Her response was, “No it is not the same company.”

I walked away wondering which store knocked off the other or was that employee completely off. I did a quick search and to my surprise, while the branding and the name appear to be the same, they are in fact completely different companies, with different owners, founders, and history. They were never the same company.  I’m still surprised that the two companies look the same.

What do you think about their similarities? Have you run into a similar experience on your travels?


The picture on the left is a Target in Australia and the one on the right is a target in the United States.

I’m not a fan of fast food, but we saw Hungry Jacks everywhere in Australia too. Since it is local to the nation, I decided to give this place a try.  Which fast food place does this remind you of?

Hungry Jacks at South Cross Station in Melbourne

I was pleasantly surprised with Kmart Australia.  The women’s apparel was like shopping at H&M or Forever 21.  I picked up some tops, denim cut off shorts, and a wide brimmed hat.  I don’t remember Kmart being that awesome in Canada or the US.  Kmart Australia is an independent entity operating in Australia and New Zealand and was actually previously part of the American stores.

Kmart photo
Kmart in Australia. (Photo courtesy of wikipedia)

What I have learned is that while we are so different from country to country, we are the same.

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