How to Adjust From One Time Zone to the Next

I usually don’t get jet lag, especially if the time difference from one city to the next is only 3 hours.  I recently flew from Dallas, Texas to Sydney, Australia.  The length of the flight was nearly 17 hours and the time difference was 17 hours.  The flight wasn’t so bad because it left DFW in the evening. I watched a couple of movies, walked around a bit to keep the blood flowing in my body, slept for about 8 hours and then I read for a bit… and then slept some more. I was fed a couple of meals in between that time too.  When it was time to land, I had missed the entire Thursday and it was early Friday morning in Sydney, Australia.

Upon arrival into the city, it was time for coffee and exploration in the central business district (CBD).  Now the body was definitely confused because back home I was supposed to be asleep and not gallivanting all over the city.  On this day I ate lunch at the local Sydney time and I skipped dinner.  By the time it was about 7pm I was beat and I wanted to head back to the room early and catch some zzzzs.  My husband suggested that we push through the desire to sleep in order to help us adjust quickly.  This totally worked!  Within a couple of days we adjusted perfectly, but I do have some tips for you if you have a lot of trouble adjusting to time change.

  1. Stay hydrated.
  2. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.
  3. If you have GERD, be sure to stay as close to your normal routine as possible.
  4. Live in the moment and enjoy.
  5. Mind over matter. Train your body to start adjusting to the time difference on your first day.
  6. Sleep and eat at the local time of your current city.
  7. Just have fun and don’t worry.

The picture in this post is the first picture I took in Sydney, Australia.

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