Traveling Tips from a Hygiene Freak

Ever since I was a little girl, I always showed in my behavior when I saw something icky. If someone picks their nose I stare at them because I want them to know they are spreading their nasty germs. If you sneeze without covering your mouth, I will let you know that you have to use your elbow to cover your mouth. I hate to see people clipping their nails in public spaces. If I see something grimy, I don’t want to go near it. I remember many years ago I went to a famous restaurant in Harlem with a friend and right after ordering I went to the restroom. I was washing my hands and I saw a massive cockroach nearly the size of my pinky finger. I headed straight to my table and told my friend that we had to leave and we did. I’m sure the food there was amazing, but I couldn’t stay after seeing what I saw.

I’m a germ phobic. I carry hand sanitizer everywhere I go and I am always picky about which table to sit down at when I visit a coffee shop. I travel a lot and I often question myself as to how I am able to do it. The airports and planes are probably the filthiest confined spaces around. With millions of people on the go, how do I manage to be in this environment so often? Here are the things that I have with me when I travel and I think you should too.

Things to carry on your person:

Hand sanitizer – I use this all day long between washings throughout the day.

Wipes – use these to wipe down the tv screen, the remote, the arm rests and tray table

Lysol to go spray – this is good to freshen up the air in your room. I also use this to spray the telephone, tv and remote control in the room.

Pillow Cases – I stayed at an airbnb once, and preferred to put my own pillowcases over the pillows because I wasn’t sure if someone else’s head rested there before I showed up.

Socks – wear a pair for your flight that you won’t put back into your shoes. I can’t tell you how many people I see go to the toilet without their shoes on. It’s F-in disgusting. Imagine all the pee drops they have stepped on. You don’t want that to happen to you right?

Disposable foot covers – I always grab a bunch at DFW airport. I haven’t seen them anywhere else. They are great for when you have to take your shoes off.

Don’t use the pouch behind the seat in front of you. If anyone has used a sick bag, they usually put it in there and who knows what residue has been left behind.

Tissue – I don’t understand why people pick their faces and noses and have no tissue on them. This was an awesome invention and it’s cheap! Please buy yourself some tissue paper to pick your damn nose and then throw it in the garbage like a nice human being. I had the urge to pass a tissue to the dude across from me that dug in his nose several time from Melbourne to Auckland.

We are sharing these public spaces and it would be so much better for everyone if we all behaved with respectful manners. Everyone likes to have things clean. Please do your part by cleaning yourself at home and not in public spaces or be as hygienic as you can for your care and everyone else’s.

Please and a BIG thank you.

Oh and most importantly…no matter what the situation is while I’m traveling, I remain thankful for all of the experiences that help shape who I am.  Thank you, God for travel and allowing me to grow amongst everything that you created.





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