Experience Civil Rights History with a Tour at the the Civil Rights Museum

In May 2016, I took a trip to Memphis and spend almost an entire day at the Civil Rights Museum.  I highly recommend that everyone who gets a chance to be in this city to take the time to tour this place.

There is a wealth of information on display and it is so engaging.  I felt myself stepping in time and trying to relate with those who participated in the civil right movement.  I even overheard a conversation next to me that I had to jump in.  A white woman with her college aged daughter was speaking of her memories of the time when her high school was implementing mixed schools.

We have come so far and we need to keep thinking forward.  To know the history and rise from it, is to respect and live a more promising future as long as it serves our nation for greater good.

Walking through the Civil Right Museum gave me a variety of emotions. Most of all, I felt proud of Martin Luther King Jr. He made this world a better place.img_20160508_132201

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