I love using Uber Abroad

Uber proved to be a reliable and affordable quick option to get around in Buenos Aires and in Athens. For travelers heading to Athens, let me give you the heads up that you will be asked to fill in a document, upon entering the driver’s vehicle.  It is for the driver’s safety.  You will need to provide your name, the time you entered the car, and your passport number.  At first, my husband and I were a little reluctant to provide the passport number and the driver noticed. Fortunately, his English was very good and he let us know that it is an agreement that all the drivers must have by law for the driver’s safety. That was understandable, plus we knew that Uber has done the check on all of its contractors and figured if this guy was planning anything sneeky, we could track him down in the future. So we let it be and provided the necessary information.

As we continue to travel, we will rely on Uber, unless the city we visit is completely walk-able and metro friendly. Santiago, Chile was like that for us.  Santiago has a great metro system and we actually walked around a lot. We used a cab twice and then figured out after we were already leaving that we could have tested out Uber. Has anyone used Uber in Santiago?


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